Our support's advantages ?

And why our clients like them

A fast and simple implementation

Facilitating the handling of the tool

We adapt the project steps to your objectives and processes. Launch meeting, configuration, training… Our objective is for you to be ready in a month and be serene for your first document sending. If needed, we can do it in pairs!

A close relationship

Knowing and mastering your context

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) supports you daily. He knows your challenges inside out and offers you regular appointments to guide you. If you have any question, you can reach him by email or by phone.

A personalized follow-up

Understanding your needs’ evolutions

Your expectations are bound to evolve: change of the internal process, new functional need… We anticipate your future challenges to offer you adapted solutions. Our objective: to allow you to make the most out of our platform.

A change management support

Involve your employees in the project

Getting your employees on board is a determining factor in the success of your project. We provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve this: communication kit, demonstration session or employee training…

A dedicated support for your employees

Put your employees at the heart of the system

From our office in Bordeaux, our support team answers in less than 48 hours to all your employees demands regarding their myPrimobox space. Our clients’ employees evaluate us every day, discover their opinion.

Our clients evaluate us

9 out of 10 of our clients recommend us.

The feedbacks from our clients are essentials! They allow us to evaluate the relevance of our support and to identify our areas for improvement. The objective: to offer contact points that are truly adapted to our customers!

HR change management

Start and prepare your HR document dematerialisation project today.

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We supportall stakeholders

The 3 aspect of our support

Project Manager

We do everything we can to help your project team achieve its deployment objectives. Our goal: zero stress on launch day.

HR Users

On a daily basis, a dedicated contact person answers the questions of your HR users and allows them to quickly increase their skills.


A support team dedicated to your employees answers all their questions about their personal myPrimobox storage space.